Female subspecialty urology

The field of female urology encompasses various problems such as stress urinary incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency, urge incontinence, vaginal prolapse, recurrent urinary tract infections and painful bladder syndromes. At our Dearborn location, we offer state-of-the-art urodynamics testing that allows us to accurately assess the type and degree of dysfunction of the bladder or urinary sphincter. At times it is difficult to make a proper diagnosis simply based on history and physical examination and further evaluation is needed. Urodynamics permits for a more precise diagnosis prior to recommending treatment options.

The spectrum of problems treated includes stress incontinence secondary to urethral hypermobility or due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency, cystoceles, rectoceles, urethral diverticula, interstitial cystitis, urologic problems during pregnancy, and recurrent urinary tract infections. Many patients with recurrent incontinence or problems after previous surgery are also seen and treated. Noninvasive treatments offered include medical therapies as well as bladder training. Our faculty has a lot of experience with minimally invasive therapy of urinary incontinence with transurethral injection of collagen. Surgical treatments include various bladder neck suspension, "sling" operations, urethral reconstruction, bladder augmentations, incontinent urinary diversion, creation of continent diversions, and continent catheterizable stomas.

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